Out The Doll Haus

Out the Doll House is a ballroom practice and negotiation of black trans ontology. Currently, the work exists as a weekly Sunday Service, an open-studio vogue session, experimental digital installation, and outreach program of the People’s Space. The work prioritizes communal reflection and simultaneous, iterative freestyles of the voguing girls’ bodies, motion-capture technology, and DJ/Producer’s equipment. The work dreams of an accessible interface for mocap-avatars and the installation of that interface in space that’s equally accessible to all things generative to vogue. A web-based iteration of this work was presented in the EMERGE NYC 2020 showing, this iteration led with a community-integrity protocol, directing Black and trans/ballroom-affiliated viewers to a livestream performance/invitation to Sunday Service. Ally viewers were directed to a ‘traditional’ viewing room for theoretical movement-based exploration, as a front for a mutual-aid (rent $ and actionable resources).