Confessional was a durational performance which was installed outside the old PS122 (August-November 2019). The work, was about fortification as a Black transfemme for facing this world in a changing body. The work was installed weekly on Fridays at sunset by a team of three (myself as confessor, Lu Barnes as scribe, and our anonymous producer) on 1st Avenue in the courtyard of the old PS122. The work, comprising a wooden-booth, tarp, speaker, stanchion and half-dressed confessor, was a durational effort to self-produce joy while denying the street a view of my joyful body. The ‘audience’ became penitents by approaching and entering the booth, and I received their confessions to the sweet sounds of Kevin JZ Prodigy’s I Am Not A Homosexual. As confessor, I carried-on with my back-turned, steered out of penitents’ sight by their sounds and shadows. Confessional’s producer acted as a fisher of men, distributing invitations to confess on 1st Avenue and stepping into the booth when penitents became threats. Confessional’s scribe recorded penitent’s verbal and physical confessions in real-time. This work was placed to silmultaneously normalize refusal of the deafening silence of white-cisgenderdom in the 122CC and subvert public mandates for the availability and discretion of Black transfeminine bodies. Confessional intervened on objectifications of the Female Figure in an effort  to formalize my instincts to pay it.