the Teas

the Teas was founded by Danyele in 2020. When the Pandemic hit, she lost her insurance and access to HRT. Danyele was not about to be off her mones but had no idea where to turn. At the time she was staying across the street from an herb store and happened to walk in once on the off chance they were selling trees. She overheard discussions of herbal medicine and it occurred to her that estradiol and spironalactone couldn’t be the only way. A few hundred google searches later she had found dozens of herbs for boosting estrogen, blocking testosterone, reducing inflammation, promoting circulation, easing pain, enhancing energy, and the list goes on. Conversations around prescription interactions kept Danyele from pursuing a standard business model, but with first round support from Dia Art she was able to launch the Teas on a made-to-order basis. These formulations are an ever evolving conversation that we can’t wait for you to get in on.

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